Aa, Yo Ga Akeru Review

Berryz Kobou has taken a break from their upbeat side and released a softer and more elegant single. Piano and brass were prominent throughout the instrumental. Though the line distribution seems to be in Risako’s, Miyabi’s, Momoko’s and Yurina’s favor yet again, the way the lines are distributed at certain parts of the song makes it well arranged. The background vocals also harmonize well with the girls’ voices.


The clothes worn throughout the PV were constant and though they reminded me much of nightgowns they suited the video quite well. The light soft pink tones of each dress fit the light melody of the song. It also blended well with the setting of the video.

Shimuzu Saki

Captain looks quite beautiful with her long hair with a pink bow accessory. The soft pink looks great on her and compliments her fair skin. This is a feminine side of Saki that we rarely see.

Tsugunaga Momoko

Momoko looks very adorable in her outfit. It has the same pink color as captain but instead of a dress she wears a top and shorts. She has her normal signature hair style where it is styled in one only this time it is complimented with a hair band.


Tokunaga Chinami

To me, pink is one of the best words to describe Chinami. The color fits her and her personality almost flawlessly. Like Momoko, Chinami has a top and shorts but with a bright pink design on the front of her top. Her hair is styled with wavy curls and pink flowers.

Sudou Maasa

Maasa has a similar style to Chinami but instead of a top and shorts, she wore a pink dress with the bright pink design. She also wore a simple hair band with her long charcoal-colored hair down.

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Miya’s dress is much similar to Massa but with a different trim at the end of it. She also wears her hair down with a flower hair band.

Kumai Yurina

Yurina looks rather mature for this single but the light pink seems to disappear in her skin making it too bright for her complexion. Her hair looks amazing as she wears it down with a slight side bang.


Sugaya Risako

Risako also wears her signature hairstyle but this single it’s much lighter in color. She also wears the pink top with the bright pink design and shorts. Here we can see the plain silver high heels the girls wear.


The video took place in a castle/mansion-like place. It reminded me a bit of the setting of Berryz Koubou own, “Very Beauty” and Morning Musume’s, “Kimagure Princess”. The setting was dark unlike the song which made a nice contrast. It was also simple which suited the simplicity of the song.

The video

The video was simple comprising of only close ups and dance shots.  There wasn’t really any storyline to it. There were many shots of Risako and Miyabi and very little shots of Maasa, Chinami and Saki.  This disappointed me a bit.

In the close ups the girls were seen sitting on the stairs or in some part of the mansion.

The dance was elegant with a little flair.  There was a great use of hands and change of positions. I thought that the dance such have been a little harder, especially so that Saki may shine because she didn’t get many solo lines. The dance still suited the song. There was a point in the dance which I highly favored throughout the chorus where the girls bend over as if they were pleading or in pain.


Risako: She got the most lines within the song. Her deep and harsh voice was a stark contrast to the melody and I didn’t quite favor it. Some of her lines could have gone to Chinami.

Yurina:  Yurina’s vocals were also deep but less harsh making it fit the song very well. She also got many lines that could have been distributed among other members. She performed well for this single otherwise.

Miyabi: Her angelic voice fit the classy single well and she hit the high notes almost perfectly. I hope she can perform just as well live.

Maasa: It’s a shame that she didn’t get much lines or camera time but yet she still looked the best in the video in my opinion.

Chinami: I wished Chinami got more lines. Because of this, I don’t have much to say about her except that she looked rather pretty in the video.

Momoko: Her cute and high pitched vocals seemed a bit out of place in the song. This is one time I’m not biased to her but her look fit the PV well.

Saki: I’m disappointed that Saki didn’t get many lines, screen time or wasn’t able to show her dancing abilities. Hopefully, next single she shall get more solo lines and probably a dance solo.

Overall, the song was a nice change for Berry Kobo. Though, the PV was simple and there were some setbacks with line distribution and camera time, the PV still turned out well. I have greater hopes and expectations next single. I hope to see fairer line distributions and even a solo from the Captain.

Rating: ☆☆☆ (3 Stars)


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