30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 1)

So I found this challenge through the internet created especially for Hello Project. Each day I am given a question to which I must answer honestly. This challenge should last a month but knowing me it may last longer. I’ll try my best to answer each question daily.

Day 1: Your favourite idol

My favourite idol in Hello Project will have to be Takahashi Ai.

She’s is absolutely beautiful and extremely talented. Her vocal ability is out of this world and she’s one of Hello Project’s best dancers. She’s fully dedicated to her performances and committed to her role as the leader of Morning Musume and Hello Project.

She is all-rounded. She dances, sings and acts. Her love of musicals has inspired her to star in many. I’ve only seen her in the Cinderella musical in which Morning Musume starred in and she was spectacular. Her emotional voice carries you on a journey and makes you fall in love with that song.


Her personality is a warm and welcoming one. She’s kind, funny and friendly but she’s also strict when needed to be and encourages the younger members. She’s the kind of person who makes you smile on your worst day.

It’s a pity to see her leave Hello Project in a few weeks and I know tears from fans all around the world would be shed. She has worked ten hard years in Hello Project and has made a great contribution. Hello Project is losing a great asset that would be incredibly hard to replace. I wish her luck in the afterlife of Hello Project and I wish her success. She has already been asked to star in numerous movies and musicals so I know she won’t struggle too much to keep her name in the entertainment industry.

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