Alphabet Challenge: A


There are so many KPOP and JPOP groups and artistes out there in the world! Names range from the strange like Teen Top; the simple like JYJ or the unique like 2NE1 and Buono! There seems to be a name for each letter and I created a challenge where I name and briefly speak about a group or artist that comes to mind for each letter.



A Pink

A Pink debuted earlier this year with “I Don’t Know” and I immediately fell in love with this song. Their innocent and light concept is different than the sexy and raw concepts seen in many KPOP groups recently. I’m not sure why but this attracts me to the group.





I LOVE AAA! Their music is so upbeat and different. Each single is different than the previous one. My favorite JPOP actually comes from them, “Daiji na Koto”. It’s an addicting and inspirational song that’s easy to dance to and sing along with. I also love how this group has mixed genders.  I love Chiaki and Naoya!


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