30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 2)

Day 2: The Idol You Hate or Dislike

Hate is such a strong word and emotion so the idol within Hello Project which I like the least will have to be Sayashi Riho.

I’m sorry to all her fans, but what personally bothers me about her is what bothers most fans of Morning Musume. It’s the fact that she has been pushed into the spotlight leaving all the 9th Generation members in the dust. She has just joined the group in January and already she is a lead vocalist within the group. I admit, her dance skills are amazing but her singing skills need some more improvement before she can be a lead vocalist. In my opinion Mizuki, Aika and Kanon are better singers yet they aren’t given many lines while Riho practically is given the whole song to sing.


I could also understand that it may have been the agency’s decision (or Tsunku’s) to have her placed in the spotlight and be promoted. So I also took that into consideration. Although, Riho does have a mouth and rights to freedom of speech to clearly state her dislikes about decisions made about her. But I can’t complain just yet; I don’t know the outlines of the contract.


Another reason why I dislike her is that she shows off a bit of arrogance which is a major turn off and dislike to me. Arrogant people annoy me highly and I do my best not to associate with them to avoid trouble.

Riho is talented in many ways- she can dance and act; she is also very pretty but I strongly dislike the fact that not even a whole year has passed and she’s already Tsunku’s favourite. I also dislike the arrogance she shows off. At first, for auditions, I rooted and loved Riho but as I got to know her more I also began to like her less. Who knows, my feelings towards her and her situation may change over time.

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