30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3: If you were a boy, who would be your girlfriend?

Well, I had to put myself in a guy’s mind and do some thinking also some process of elimination. In the end, I chose Mitsui Aika to be my girlfriend.

Aika has such a sweet and innocent personality. She’s friendly and constantly smiles. She tries to bring smiles to people’s faces. She is very cute and playful. These are all great attributes of a good significant other in my eyes.

She knows the time and place for everything and is determined in whatever she does. She barely complains and makes the best every situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a girlfriend who doesn’t bitch about everything? She also seems like the person who would be faithful and loyal in a relationship.

She’s a sweetheart and would make a wonderful girlfriend. She’s the kind of person who you’ll want to cuddle and console when she’s sad. She’d encourage you to do and be your best every day. I wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend like her; if I were a boy.

If a guy got a girl like Aika, he’d be really lucky and he should do his best to hold onto her. People like her are not prominent on Earth anymore and it’s a pity. Whoever marries Aika is very fortunate. I hope that she remains this sweet and caring.








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