Alphabet Challenge: B






Initially, I didn’t have much interest in this group but as of recently my interest began to peak; especially with their song, “Fiction”. I’m not too familiar with the members and I’m now leaning names. I hope they keep my interest and don’t disappoint.





This was the group that introduced me to Hello Project and made my addiction what it is today. I was watching the anime, “Shugo Chara”, when I heard their song, “Rottara Rottara”, as the closing theme. Being interested in the song I looked up the group who sang it, which happened to be Buono! Through further research I discovered Hello Project and other groups within the organization. Tsunku made a great choice in putting these three together. I love the different feel that they bring to the table. They define from other Hello Project groups. Every single is different and they bring a flair rarely seen in JPOP. They are also well-known for their contagious, fun and memorable dances though for the past few singles they weren’t any dances. With the release of their latest album, “Partenza”, they take a whole new image influenced fully by Western music. They take risks to set themselves apart from other groups in the music industry in Asia. Buono is a unique combination of voices, music, talents and personalities.





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