30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 5)

Day 5: Favorite Group

This question needs no introduction; only an answer. My favourite group within the Hello Project organisation is, Morning Musume.

I anticipate their releases the most and the most news within Hello Project is related to Morning Musume with their temporary line-up change. Though it’s sad to see some favourite faces leave (like Takahashi Ai) newer faces are added which you learn to love and bring a whole new outlook and talent to the group.

I loved almost all the line-ups there were for this group but my personal favourite line-up was the insert of the 8th Generation where Aika, Junjun and Linlin were added to the group. This present line-up (Insert of 9th Generation) has many talented members and a blend of amazing voices, especially, Ai, Risa and Reina. It’s sad to see that some members talents are being displayed enough (9th excluding Riho and Aika) but it’s also great to see that some members are getting more solo lines and promotion (Sayumi).

Not only there is a range of talents and abilities but there are also a vast number of personalities in this group which makes it so unique. You have the members who have a childish and energetic personality like Kanon and Aika; the members who are serious when needed but have a good sense of humor like Ai and Risa; the shyer members like Mizuki and Erina and the more charismatic (or arrogant, however you describe it) members like Reina, Sayumi and Riho. All these personalities are compressed together to make an interesting group.

Morning Musume also releases the best songs in Hello Project after Buono! They have a variety of genres and each song sounds different each single. Though line distribution hasn’t been quite fair recently the way the songs are sung during performances show that these girls love what they do. Morning Musume is the oldest group in Hello Project and therefore has the most experience and line-up change. Younger groups look up to this group and strive to be as successful as they are. Though soon we are to lose another member and gain more new faces this is all what Morning Musume entails and what makes this group so different from many other JPOP groups out there.

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