30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 7)

Day 7: Favourite Couple/ Duo

Hands down, what couple could ever beat the TakahasixNiigaki pair?

This couple is the cutest within Hello Project. They’ve been together for ten years and have one of the strongest friendships one can see in the present day.

I wish I had a bond as strong as theirs with a close friend. They’re so close they often kiss each other and hug constantly. In the Behind the Scenes of any Morning Musume project, you must see these two together at least once or twice. With a friendship lasting through so many years, it must consist of a lot of love, trust and loyalty. They’re best friends working and performing together. They must spend a lot of quality time together.

Also, when paired together for special singles such as, “Ano Hi Modoritai”, their voices make such a nice blend. Risa’s low and deep voice with Ai’s rich and elegant voice uses the contrast to evolve into something amazing. They are two great performers and know how to use their voices.

It’s sad to see that Ai must leave Hello Project and Risa. I could imagine a number of tears shed from these two after at Ai-chan’s graduation after being together for so long. I really hope that they stay in contact and their friendship will never waver.

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