10th Generation Morning Musume Members!!

This post is a bit overdue but I just had to voice my opinions about each girl chosen to be in the 10th Generation for Morning Musume. I closely watched the auditions in August and I even had my favourites.  Each girl within the auditions did their best and tried their hardest but in the end, the best four girls were chosen. I hope, however, that each girl that did not succeed in the auditions is able to obtain free training as an Egg.

Honestly, I am fairly happy about the choices Tsunku made in choosing these four girls. Each girl has a unique aspect that will be essential to the future of Morning Musume.

Iikubo Haruna (16 years)

Iikubo didn’t really appeal to me at first during the auditions but she did remind me much of Ikuta Erina during the 9th Generation Auditions as she had a similar “awkward” and stiff appearance.

Fortunately, since Erippon has joined Morning Musume this “awkward” expression has softened and she looks more relaxed. Iikubo is already starting to relax and she’s only been in Morning Musume for a couple of weeks.

During the audition Iikubo’s dancing was fair. However, her singing sounded strained and didn’t sound good; especially for a vocally talented group like Morning Musume. Fortunately, she improved greatly vocally in time for the audition’s final judging. You could have seen that she worked hard to achieve that improvement and that hard work should be rewarded. Her determination and potential are great attributes for a Morning Musume member.

I also like the fact that an older member was chosen so that age gap between Aika and Mizuki could be filled.  Right now most Morning Musume members are under the age of sixteen and most of these members lack experience. However, if all senior members decided to leave the group will be practically left with inexperienced young girls who wouldn’t really help boost the sales for the group. Though Iikubo has closed this age gap her experience is still very limited.

Tsunku made a good choice in selecting Iikubo. Though her talents are lacking; seeing that she is determined to improve these problems may be only temporary. I have great expectations for Iikubo and I look forward to her improvement in the future.

Ishida Ayumi (14 years)

Ayumi shined throughout the audition. Her dancing and singing experience was definitely an advantage for her in the audition. It would have been a total surprise if Tsunku didn’t pick her as one of the newest members of Morning Musume.  She was much like Riho during her 9th gen audition. Riho was the best dancer of the participants and didn’t hesitate to show her talents. Now Riho outshines her fellow 9th Generation members (and even some seniors) and is given lead vocals even before she could gain sufficient experience.  Actually, I believe that Ayumi and Riho do look quite alike.

I see another Riho coming into the mix with Ayumi being chosen to be a 10th Generation member. It is rumoured that she will also be given some of Ai-chan’s lead vocals. I believe that this is very unfair to the seniors and more experienced members. Especially to the ones who sing much better than Ayumi such as Risa, Mizuki and even Kanon. I always have a problem with the unfair distribution of lines and it will truly annoy me if the experienced members are pushed aside and Ayumi and Riho receive all the lines.

I have no objections in Ayumi being a lead dancer since her talent is top notch in that area. She’s a better dancer than some of the older members. But before she can be a lead vocalist she should improve her singing greatly.

Sato Misaki (12 years)

At first, when I heard that Sato was one of the few girls chosen I couldn’t remember who she was. I had to re-watch the audition videos to jog my memory of her.  She didn’t really capture my attention during the audition. But I must say that she greatly improved during the audition. At first, she made many mistakes and lacked confidence in herself but in the end, her vocal ability greatly improved and performed the dance almost flawlessly-even without dance experience. She worked hard to achieve this and again, this shows a great attribute of Morning Musume member.

Kodou Haruka (11 years)

Haruka was certainly my favourite participant in the audition. Her Hello Pro Egg training definitely came in handy. She learned the dances quickly and her husky voice was a beautiful tool and will be a wonderful addition to the various voices of Morning Musume.

Her training will help her as a member of Morning Musume. She worked hard for the position and deserved it. I am elated to see that she was chosen and Tsunku didn’t leave her talents and determination to the waste side.

I have high expectations for her. Maybe she’ll be a legend like Ai-chan or be the leader of Morning Musume someday. We already see some leadership skills coming into play from her. She is willing to learn and improve at all costs. I see a bright future for her.

All these girls worked their hardest to achieve what they have been awarded. I congratulate these girls on their achievements and wish them luck in their future endeavours in Morning Musume.

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