30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 8)

Day 8: Your favourite voice?

Before the graduation of Takahashi Ai, hands down I would have chosen her as the best voice of Hello Project. But now as she is gone the current best voice in Hello Project is Niigaki Risa (well, in my opinion).

Risa has an amazing voice. It’s deep and low but still can harbour a melodious tune. Her voice has power but can also be soft and soothing. She even has great rapping skills seen in “Namidacchi” and “How Do You like This Japan?”She knows how to utilise her voice to fit the mood of the song and put across the point the lyrics are trying to make.

Not only her singing voice is mesmerising but even when she just plainly talks she captures the attention of many. Her voice has confidence and shows that she has great wisdom. She is a charismatic figure and knows how to speak well. This is a great attribute for the leader of Morning Musume and Hello Project.

Risa is beautiful, talented and well-versed. She has great potential in the idol world and makes a great role model. Her singing ability is at a high standard and I hope that Tsunku comes to recognise this one day and will be challenged to improve herself and her talents.

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