Maeda Yuuka to graduate from S/mileage and Hello Project

This is a sad year for Hello Project indeed. It has been announced today that Maeda Yuuka of S/mileage shall be graduating from S/mileage and Hello Project. She claimed that she is unable to balance her school life with her life within Hello Project. She is soon to go off to university and wants to make sure that she is fully prepared for that time.

Though Yuuka isn’t my favorite member of S/mileage, it is always disheartening to see a member of Hello Project leave the organization. With the graduation of Takahashi Ai and Ogawa Saki, the graduation announcement of Maeda doesn’t make Hello Project members any more consoled after these two big graduations. I don’t think that Hello Project has faced so many graduations in one year in a while. It makes you wonder who else will surprise us with such an announcement throughout this year.

Many questions come to mind. With so many students within Hello Project; how many of them will soon choose school over the “idol life”? If most of these girls decide to graduate in order to focus on school what will happen to the organization? Will it fall apart? Or keep scouting for more girls? As fan favorites like Takahashi Ai leave Hello Project will the fan base fall apart?

Honestly, I will miss Yuuka’s high-pitched voice and indifferent personality. S/mileage and Hello Project will never be the same without her. I wish Yuuka luck in her studies and may she be able to get into the university of her choice.

Yuuka is to graduate on the 31st of December.









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