Alphabet Challenge: I




When I first heard her sing I was BLOWN AWAY. It was for her song, “Good Day” and she hit those high notes with simplicity. Her voice is amazing and from that day on I marveled at her voice through all of her songs. She’s also multitalented. Not only can she sing and dance. Her acting skills are top notch. I’m currently watching, “Dream High”, the drama she starred in as the role of an overweight aspiring singer, Pilsook. IU was able to demonstrate the shy and reserved nature of the character almost flawlessly and I need not to say that her singing skills were quite exceptional. She even acts well in the tons CFs she partakes in. Her live performances are high quality. Especially with the music removed version. She is a very talented girl and is a remarkable role model. I’m looking forward to hear another masterpiece from her like “Good Day”, “Someday” and “Cruel Fairy Tale” at the end of the month.


Ikimono Gakari

I have loved this band from the first day I’ve heard them. Each song has a unique style and meaning that appeals to me. Some of my favorite songs from them include, “Sakura”, “Hanabi”, “Blue Bird” and “Hotaru no Hikari”. The first song I actually heard from them was the Naruto Shipuuden opening, “Blue Bird”. I was amazed at Kiyoe’s ability to sing such high notes but in watching the music video I was even more amazed at the fact that Hotaka could have played the guitar and harmonica AT THE SAME TIME. I was more than blown away! I wish this band could be more famous and more appreciated. But as they sing more songs for anime; they are slowly getting recognized.


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