Featured Artists of the Week! (15/11/11-22/11/11)


Name: Cha Sunwoo
Birth Date: 5/09/92
Origin: Gwangju, South Korea
Blood type: B
Group: B1A4
Position: Lead Rapper

To me, his cute appearance but badass rapping skills are very appealing and attractive. He’s the hottest member of B1A4.  I just feel like boxing him up and keeping him. *coughs*

Those who hear and see him for the first time will be astonished at how such a deep voice could come from a small and cute person like him. This and his funny and playful personality are all positive factors for me.


Name: Yoon Bora
Birth date: 30/01/90
Group: Sistar
Position: Lead Rapper

I love to hear Bora rap. She along with Woori, Yubin, Hyuna and Miryo, is one of my favourite female rappers in the KPOP industry. And though she’s got that raw and sexy style she is still able to pull off an elegant and beautiful demeanour.


Mano Erina

Name: Mano Erina
Birth date: 11/04/91
Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: B
Group: Soloist


A talented person she is. She has come a long way from being introduced as an HP Egg to being the only soloist in Hello Project. Not only does she has an amazing voice but is very talented when it comes to the piano. I wish she starts back using it in her singles and PVs like when she first debuted.

Thanks to SuMandu and Hello Project Wiki for the information!


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