Featured Artists of the Week! (4/12/11-11/12/11)

Since I’ve been behind with my posts (damn you school!) I’ve decided to release the “Featured Artists of the Week!” on Sundays instead.


Name: Kim Ji Yeop
Birth date: 5/09/92
Blood type: A
Group:  ZE:A
Position:  Lead vocalist, sub-rapper

His voice just makes me melt and he’s so cute! I’m sure most girls will agree. His smile is just so dazzling! Enough with the girlish quips; he is definitely my favorite member of ZE:A.  It is also so cool that he can speak English very well. It is a very useful trait in the KPOP industry at this time because of the Hallyu wave and the great amount of international fans.

Niigaki Risa

Name: Niigaki Risa
Birth date: 20/10/88
Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: B
Group: Morning Musume
Position: Leader

I absolutely love Risa and her unique and deep voice. She’s an amazing singer and is fully dedicated to her performances and ensures that she brings across an almost flawless and enlightening performance. Although she hasn’t been leader of Morning Musume for a very long time she has already displayed excellent leadership skills. Her fun and spunky personality and strict criticism are all great attributes for a leader and entertainer. She’s also a great actress. She’s an all around great person!


Name: Lee Min Young
Birth date: 21/06/91
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Group: Miss A
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

I didn’t know that she debuted in America before debuting into Miss A. I also didn’t know that she was JYP’s longest trainee before debuting eight years later. The wonders of Wikipedia (laughs)! Min is undoubtedly an awesome dancer and a great singer. I’m not quite sure why but she reminds me of Ga-in from Brown Eyed Girls. She’s also so short! I just had to add that in! LOL!

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