30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 12)

Day 12: Favourite -ute member?

I love almost all members of ℃-ute (I said almost, not all members >_>) but I my absolute favourite member is Okai Chisato.

I don’t understand why many people dislike her. Chisato has a very charming personality. She’s very charismatic and because of her great charisma personalities are diversified within the group. She reminds me a lot of 2NE1’s PRO (Public Relations Officer) and member Dara.

She’s beautiful and has such an amazing smile to match her dazzling personality. I’m definitely biased towards her. To me, she’s slightly different than the average Japanese female. Her tan skin makes her unique and I love individuality.

Many people are against Chisato’s latest gain in fame and attention. But honestly, she deserves it. From since the formation of ℃-ute Chisato has been pushed to the back and hardly received any solo lines. After four years of this treatment, she finally gets to display her true vocal talents and dancing skills as she receives lead vocals. Chissa is an exceptional singer and dancer and the whole world should know it.

I believe Chisato will always be my favourite ℃-ute member even after the unfortunate day she decides to leave Hello Project. And even after that day, I will continue to support her in any endeavour she decides to undertake.

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