Featured Artists of the Week! (11/12/11-18/12/11)


Name: Kim Ryeowook
Birth date: 21/06/87
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: O
Group: Super Junior
Position: Main Vocalist

Ryeowook is soooooo hot *drools*. His voice sends shivers down my spine and raises my pores. He is my favorite SuJu member! If I only knew him *sigh*

But I realize that he is gaining more attention within the group. He got a lot of solo lines in their latest album.  I wish that he gets promoted more as a member though *sad face*.


Name: Wakeshima Kanon
Birth date: 28/06/88
Origin: Tokyo, Japan

She is truly talented. She makes me wish I could play the cello just like her.  She has a unique high-pitched voice that fits so well for her genre. She’s not very popular but she’s awesome in my book.


Name: Im Jin Ah
Birth date: 14/09/91
Blood type: A
Group: After School; Orange Caramel; After School Red
Position: Vocalist

Her voice is so cute! But yet she brings such a sexy appeal. She’s the jack of all trades. She’s a singer, model and great entertainer. But have you ever seen her without makeup?? O_O

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