Alphabet Challenge: M




I don’t know why I thought of these guys when I could have thought of Miss A or even MBLAQ but I guess that as a rookie group they have left a great impression on me with their song, “Message”. Or it may be the fact that they pronounced the word “Message” like “Mes-sage- gee”. (Laughs) But I see potential in this group as they came out with a bang and high quality performance skills from the very start. We can only hope that these skills don’t waver or diminish as time goes on as we see with many famous KPOP groups these days.


Morning Musume

Of course, given this letter I must mention this all-girl group. They have gone through so many changes since their debut in 1997. With a complete change of the member line-up and the way a single sounds. There are many negative and positive things I can say about this group but I would go on forever. I will admit I am not fully satisfied with their latest singles and sales. With the loss and addition of members the group has suffered too many changes including inexperienced performers that have yet to improve their skills. As fans’ favorite members leave interest in the group and sales begin to dwindle. Also, as of recently, Morning Musume singles has become to sound more child-like and lacks the mature edge they are known for. However, because of these reasons I will not stop supporting this group. Although my favorite members like Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin have all departed and soon to join them is Niigaki Risa, I see potential in these new members. I know that they are able to carry Morning Musume on their shoulders and let the group live on for many more years to come.

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