30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 15)

Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member (current)?

Morning Musume is currently my favourite group within Hello Project despite the recent major changes to the line-up of members and singles. So many skills and personalities are condensed into one group making it interesting and an ‘all-round group’.  However, my favourite personality out all twelve girls is the personality of Niigaki Risa.


Initially, before her graduation, Takahashi Ai was my first and favourite member of the group. However, with the absence of Ai-chan my favourite member is now Niigaki Risa. However, soon things will change once more when Niigaki graduates at the end of May.


Risa is beautiful. She is also very intelligent. Her uniquely deep and fluid voice sets her apart from everyone else. She is also an excellent member as she guides and leads Hello Project members in the right direction.


She and her high energy will be greatly missed in the organisation. It would be strange not having her around. With the graduation of Niigaki, the fifth generation will be non-existent in the current Morning Musume line-up, leaving the 6th generation and older groups to lead and train all the younger and newer members. Hopefully, they are capable of undergoing the task and the talent and legacy of Hello Project and Morning Musume will live on.

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