Featured Artists of the Week!

Featured artistes of the week!



Name: Kim Yoobin
Birth date: 4/10/88
Origin: Gwangju, South Korea
Blood type: O
Group: Wonder Girls
Position: Main Rapper

One thing this girl has is CHARISMA! She is absolutely amazing and has a charming personality. Beauty, brains and an inviting smile- these are the weapons of a girl. Yubin surely has these attributes. When she raps she brings about a strong presence about her. She is also a good singer as heard in one of their recent songs “Dear Boy”. I believe instead of just giving her the rap, Yubin should also sing more parts instead of giving the most lines to Sohee.


Name: Shin Dongho
Birth date: 29/06/94
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: B
Group: U-KISS
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae

He is so hot! Though he is maknae he brings across a powerful and strong image; the strongest in the group in my opinion. This is an admirable trait. But deep down under that mature exterior we know a softer teenaged Dongho lies (I’m day dreaming. Ignore the fantasies).  He is avid dancer and his raping skills are quite well.


Name: Mitsui Aika
Birth date: 12/01/93
Origin: Shiga, Japan
Blood type: O
Group: Morning Musume
Position: Vocalist

She is the most underrated member of the group. She only gets a few lines and camera shot and because of her recent injury, she cannot participate in dances. Vocally, she has improved a lot since her debut into the group in 2007 and I believe that she should be given at least more than 2 solo lines within songs. With the upcoming graduation of Risa, will Aika receive more lines? Otherwise, her personality is very admiring. She’s like an adorable teddy bear. Her cute image hasn’t wavered even though she is no longer the youngest in the group.  And even though she acts cute the majority of the time, Aika knows when to act mature.

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