Alphabet Challenge: P



Piggy Dolls

This group of women is an inspirational one. Despite their size and the constant quirks from others about their weight, they continue doing what they love and they’re very good at it. Although I am not a huge fan of them or their type of music, I still enjoy their music when I can. Their voices are powerful and rich; such vocals are rare in the present industry. Though they lost a lot of weight their vocal skills haven’t wavered. I continue to support this group it’s a pity that they aren’t well known.


Petitmoni V


This is a revival group of the original Petitmoni consisting of C-ute’s Mai and Saki and soloist Mano Erina. This isn’t my favourite group but it isn’t my least favourite either. To me, it just seems that Tsunku took three random members and placed them in one group for variation. Their songs seem childish and don’t appeal to me at all.

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