G20 2012?

Who can remember the G20 summit held in Seoul, South Korea in 2010? Now, who can remember the collection of twenty well-known and endowed K-POP talents that were placed together in one group create the theme song for the summit? This great group consisted of artists such as Min from Miss A, G.NA, IU, Sungmin from Super Junior, 2AM’s Changmin, SHINee’s Jonghyun and much more. This temporary group was dubbed, “G20”. The name of their song was called “Let’s Go”. This song was an inspiration to me. Not only was the tune catchy but the integration of artists left a gratifying note for me. It’s not every day you see artists with such skill and personalities come together as one. They all came to support a cause and such charity and unity are some of the things I favour to see most. The blend of voices was different than the typical collaboration of voices you hear from each group of the Hallyu wave. Because groups and artists were brought together it seemed like a whole new voice has been introduced into the KPOP World.

The other day, I had a thought. If such a group were to occur again, who would be the new G20 members? With the introduction of several new groups and artists and hiatus of several others; whose voices can come together once again to unite as one? Mentally, I made a list of artists who I believe should be placed in the group if there is to be another one. I’m not saying that they MUST be placed- this is simply my opinion.

  1. Sistar – Hyorin


Her powerful vocals provide a strong edge to songs.

2. SNSD- Jessica

She also provides unique and powerful vocals that seem to blend well with other voices.

3. IU

I recommended IU rejoin the group because of her great improvements over the past two years and merely because I’m an avid IU fan XD.

4. Lee Seung Gi

He’s absolutely adorable and will bring a cute image to the group with his subtle voice.

5. Super Junior- Ryeowook

Again, I am a huge fan of Ryeowook. I also believe he does not receive the recognition he deserves. So I believe through this group he may get promoted a bit more.

6. Secret- Hyosung

I really like the way her voice sounds for some reason and I believe it would add another unique touch to the group.

7. U-KISS- Eli

He has what I call “Light Vocals” that will mix in and harmonise very well with the powerful females’ vocals.

8. A Pink- Bomi

She’s so pretty! But beside the point, she is a talented singer and possesses sweet vocals and image. I just believe that she would be a great addition to the group.

9. Brown Eyed Girls- Ga-in

Initially, I chose Narsha to be the representative for Brown Eyed Girls but after some deliberation, I chose Ga-in as my final choice just because she is more vocally skilled than Narsha and can really hit the high notes as heard in their song “Sixth Sense”.

10. 2NE1- Bom

Another vocally powerful and beautiful female; all Blackjacks know that this girl can sing! She would totally belong in this temporary group!

11. After School- Raina

After JungAh, she’s the best singer in After School. Well, that’s my opinion at least. I believe that at least someone should represent this group as they seem to be one of the more successful groups not only in South Korea but Japan as well. Also, I chose Raina because I favour her more than JungAh and her vocal range and ability is quite vast.

12. Block B- Zico

I remember in the 2010 G20 Jun Hyung from B2ST was the main rapper of the group. I believe that in my 2012 version of G20 that Zico should be the main rapper. He raps well and he is also very charismatic. He can also bring a little fun and humour into the group.

13. Davichi- MinKyung

In my opinion, the members of Davichi are some of the BEST singers in the current K-POP industry. They have powerful voices that soothe and capture the hearts of their fans. I believe that their voices will be great additions in this group. They are already much underrated and deserve as little more popularity. They put on great performances. I chose MinKyung because she is very versatile. I realised this in the combination single between Davichi and T-ara, “We Used to Love” where MinKyung went from singing lustily to rapping. It was really impressive.

14. T-ara- SoYeon

SoYeon is a great singer- not the best one, but she’s she really good. I believe that she would best represent her group.

  1. 15.  Teen Top- Niel

I chose Niel simply because…I’m biased towards him (laughs). He’s hot and is my absolute favourite male KPOP artist. His voice is unique and angelic. It’s hard not to be mesmerised by his brilliance.

16. B2ST- Yoseob

It was just a couple months ago when I actually got to know of the members in B2ST. I listened to their music but didn’t know of the members or their names. When I became more familiar with the members and was able to differentiate voices within songs I realised what a great voice Yoseob had. He will be a great addition to the male singers in the group. He’s also very cute no matter how badass he tries to act. XD

17. ZE:A- Kevin

We need at least one fluent English speaker in the group if G20 were to release an English version much like they did in 2010. Why did I pick Kevin? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because he’s simply, Kevin. (:

18. Big Bang- Daesung

Daesung has been through a lot in the past year and slowly after a long break he’s returning to the entertainment scene with a changed mind, experience and as a different person. I believe this group will be a great way to re-enter the industry. Not only will his singing talents be displayed but he shall also gain support and mingle with other idols that are guaranteed to re-build his character. It will also be a fun experience for him after recent tragic events.

19. Kim Hyung Joong

He’s so SEXY! He’s adorable and he’s an amazing performer (biased XD). But really, he’s a great soloist and a big asset to the Hallyu Wave. He is very favoured and his big personality will be a wonderful addition to the group.

20. Wonder Girls- Sohee

At first, Sohee was ranked by professionals as the idol with the worst vocals in the KPOP industry. She proved us all wrong last year with their comeback “Be My Baby” where her voice magically improved. Because of this, I believe that she should be in the 2012 G20. Though her vocals are still soft and a bit weaker than others it will bring a stark contrast to the powerful vocals of other idols I chose to be in this.

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