Alphabet Challenge: R




This group: what can is say about them? I followed them from debut to present. When I first saw their video ‘Dr. Feel Good’ I was amazed. Not only by the raunchy and suggestive dance moves but also by their great singing ability.

However , I was disappointed when I realized that during live performances they lip sync ¾ of their song. Their follow-up song ‘Masqurade’ was a better song in my opinion and I loved the fact that they released English versions of their songs.

With the departure of the American producer, Teddy Riley, their latest single ‘Pop Pop Pop’ was released with only a Korean version.  I would have liked to hear an English version of  that song because it was their best song to date.  They also sing the majority of this song in live performances.


Ritsuko Okazaki

I know some readers may not know of this Japanese artist much I like I didn’t a couple months prior. She sang the opening and ending theme for the anime “Fruits Basket”. Do you remember? Have you even watched the anime? If not, go watch it!

Like NOW!

Just Kidding!

She valued her privacy so not much information can really be found about her on the internet. However, tragically she lived a short life and died in 2004 from Septicemia. She was a really beautiful and talented woman. She was also diagnosed with stomach cancer prior to her death.

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