Pyoco Pyoco Ultra! Video Review

Artist: Morning Musume

This song and video were rather much disappointing. The song may be upbeat and happy but it’s too happy and childish for me. What happened to the mature songs? What about the ballads? It’s nice to take a break from bubbly music once in a while. Singing sad songs or romantic ballads isn’t a bad thing. ‘Nanchatte Renai’ and ‘Shoganai Yume Oibito’ were good songs. This may be why Morning Musume may be decreasing in sales. The songs are too childish and the dance, costuming and PV aren’t very appealing.

What’s that? Costuming? Yes, they do related to the song somewhat. But they aren’t very stylish or innovative. Also, THERE’S TOO MUCH YELLOW! It’s like someone puked yellow onto the set. Don’t get wrong, I love yellow. It’s my favourite colour. But most things aren’t good in excess.

The dance is a bit awkward much like the song and it’s all OVER THE PLACE. It’s a confusing mess! On the bright side, I loved the fact that the younger generations were centred in the dance shot.

There’s no Aika in the dance shot! I was saddened to see this because I had high hopes to see Aika dance once more since she is almost healed. Hopefully, I would see her dance in the next single.

On the flip side, it was wonderful to see that the lines of the song were fairly distributed. Everyone got at least one solo line (excluding Mizuki and Kanon) and everyone had smiles on their faces indicating the joy they experienced in creating this video.

As for my analysis of the symbolism of the video I won’t go too in-depth. In my opinion, the video symbolises the ‘hatching’ of the new and upcoming generations. It symbolises a new Morning Musume.

Niigaki Risa, the leader of Morning Musume, is responsible for nurturing, guiding and training these junior members and letting them grow and develop.

In conclusion, this wasn’t my favourite Morning Musume Song but it wasn’t the worst. It’s pretty close to it though. I would have preferred the B-Side to this song ‘Kanashiki Koi no Melody’ to be the main song instead while ‘Pyoco Pyoco Ultra’ be the contributing song.  Hopefully, Niigaki gets a better send off song than this one.




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