Warrior Video Review

Artist: B.A.P. (Best. Absolute. Perfect)

Everyone anticipated the debut of this group since the release of Bang and Zelo’s song ‘Never Give Up’. The wait wasn’t in vain because B.A.P. came out with a BANG that fully impressed new fans and KPOP lovers. Most debut songs of rookie groups are probably the worst song they’ll ever perform. A couple examples can stem from Chi Chi and Girl’s Day. They both had shaky debut songs that were drowned in autotune and quirky lyrics that did not appeal to fans. B.A.P. started off with an impressive video and song.

You gotta love that Bunny head! That was my favourite aspect of the video. It reminds me of Deadmau5! It was a unique addition to the music video. I also liked the fact that the song was completely different than many songs you hear on the KPOP music scene today. Many songs either have a retro, quirky or ballad theme and songs are beginning to sound the same. Ideas seemed to be getting redundant. Every song had a rap randomly inserted into it. But B.A.P. broke the ice and created a RAP song with singing inserted into it. Their ideas were different and innovative. 

The set and costuming tied in very well with the sound and the atmosphere of the set. The set of the video, dance and the boys’ ways of flaunting themselves in the video created a dark and intense atmosphere. The way the laser & blinking lights and the fire were incorporated made the set look a lot better as well.

I get what I call a “Badass” vibe from this group- a true hip-hop aura. It’s a similar feeling I had for Block B’s debut and Block B has yet to disappoint me. I hope it will be the same for this group.

For their age, their dancing skills are top notch. It’s actually better than most senior male groups in the Hallyu. Their dance and image are totally RAW and it gives me hope for the future of KPOP.

I’ve already begun to favour certain members. Their physique is so well built that it’s obvious their training and great dance skills came in handy. As a girl, all I could do is admire…*zones out*


I apologise to my male readers for my comments on their sexy bodies but back on topic my favourite member so far is Zelo. He may actually be a favourite to many new fans as well. He is able to effectively look adorable yet pull off a powerful image. He is also an amazing rapper and reminds me of Block B’s Zico in many instances.

A few other members I admire are YoungJae and Daehyun.

There’s nothing that I really don’t like about this debut video except for the mere fact that all the members were blonde! It was a creative idea but it may serve as a challenge for their new fans to accurately identify them since all their hairstyles and physiques are similar. So fans can’t explain to newer fans learning about the members; “Zelo is the one with the blonde hair” or “Himchan has hair colour A, not hair colour B”.  So this makes it confusing for new fans. However, even if they hair and physique are similar their individual styles are still very distinct. This is another advantageous point for B.A.P.

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