Featured Artists of the Week!

Featured artistes of the week!



Name: Lee Ji Eun
Birth date: 16/05/93
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: A

“Korea’s Little Sister” is truly an amazing performer. She sings well and hits notes that I could only imagine hitting. She is a great singer for her age and with her role as Pilsook in Dream High she proved herself to be a great actress. I admire her skills and adorable charm and I love almost all of her songs. For all KPOP lovers, I recommend you buy or at least take a listen of her latest album ‘Last Fantasy’. You won’t be disappointed.

Nishijima Takahiro

Name: Nishijima Takahiro
Birth date: 30/09/86
Origin: Hokkaido, Japan
Blood type: O
Group: AAA
Position: Lead Vocalist

I LOVE his voice. I can’t put my finger on it but something about it sends shivers down my spine.  His voice blends well with the rest of the group although it sometimes seems he sings the majority of the songs.


Name: Kim Jang Hyun
Birth date: 16/07/85
Group: Sunny Hill
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Composer

It’s a shame that he composes the majority of the songs that Sunny Hill sings but hardly sings in any of those songs. In live performance of their latest song ‘The Grasshopper Song’ was the first time I’ve seen him perform with the other girls. I believe that he recently enlisted in the army to complete his mandatory two year service. I wish him luck and hope to see him performing soon.


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