Favorite AAA (Attack All Around) Songs

Attack All Around was one of the first groups I listened to before I truly became interested in JPOP. I can’t quite remember how I discovered them but I know from that faithful day until this very moment I have loved them and been a great fan. I love the concept of mixed-gender groups. It creates diversity not only in appearance but in the range of vocals as well. It also shows that males and females can work together and be seen on equal terms. If I were to ever be part of a musical group I would have loved to be in a mixed-gender group. These days, especially in the KPOP music scene, there are a lot of Girl groups and Boy Groups; there are rarely any mixed groups like Sunny Hill and Co-Ed School.

So as I was listening to several AAA songs today I randomly asked myself;

What are my favourite AAA songs?”

And with that question, this list was born:

10. Heart & Soul

9. Lights

8. Blood on Fire

7. Break Down

6. MUSIC!!!

5. Kirei na Sora

4. Dream After Dream ~Yume Kara Sameta Yume~

3. Call

2. Charge & Go

1. Daiji no Koto

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