30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 22)

Day 22: Your favorite Costume?

Hello Project is known for their innovative costumes in music videos and especially in concerts. Although the question seems really random costuming is really a huge aspect of Hello Project and adds to the idea or theme the girls are trying to portray in their song or PV. This was such a hard decision to make since Hello Project has a lot of awesome outfits and costumes but in the end I chose the theme outfits for Morning Musume’s 2010 autumn concert, Rival Survival.

I love the primitive concept the costumes display. Though the theme is supposed to represent a primal design it still held a stylish edge and as usual each member had their own personal variations to their costume. Whether if each member has a dress, skirt or different accessories and hairstyle; the uniqueness of each costume is what makes it special. There wasn’t anything I disliked for any of the costumes of the members. However, out of all the Rival Survival costumes, Linlin’s outfit appealed me the most but Takahashi wore her outfit the best as she showed a great fierceness in it.


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