Alphabet Challenge: T



Teen Top

I love this group! I love all of their songs! This group is full of different personalities and images. From C.A.P.’s “gangster” image to Chunji’s “Pretty Boy” look this group is pretty diverse. But what I love most about this group is not only their interesting dances but Niel.  I am a HUGE fan of Niel and I LOVE his voice and personality. He is actually my favorite guy in the KPOP industry presently.  He’s just so cute!


Tokyo Girls Style

I’m not too familiar with these groups of girls but I have listened to several of their songs. The first song I’ve heard from them was “Onnaji Kimochi” with was happy and upbeat but was a complete 360° from the song, “Limited Addiction” which I heard a couple months after. The latest song I heard from them was “Liar” which I like very much.


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