Alphabet Challenge: U




I love U-KISS. This shouldn’t be a surprise since they are really good and what I mean by “good”, I mean that they created a new level of awesome! They are great performers. In MR videos you could hear them singing their hearts out (and singing in tune) unlike some other unnamed groups who just sing the chorus and let the recordings sing every other part of their songs. Their choreography for the majority of their songs are excellently thought out and executed. They differ from the norm. Some of my favorite songs from U-KISS are “0330”, “Tick Tack”, “Give It To Me”, “What”, “Shut Up”, “Man Na Ha Hi” and “Bingeul Bingeul” and my ultimate bias is DongHo!


Up-Up Girls

Initially, I didn’t have much interest in this group but as of recently my interest began to peak upon the announcement of their “alter-ego” UFZS collaborating with Tensei Love to release a KPOP song. It is an innovative idea. KPOP artists often debut in Japan but how many Japanese idols do you see debuting in Korea? Even though the idea is creative it is also risky. How successful will this endeavor be? Will South Korea open their arms to this small scale group?. We can only find out one way through taking risks, trial and error. On the other hand, their singing and dancing skills have proven to be effective. They just opened a YouTube channel today! Check out some of their dance videos and their debut single “Going my ↑”.

Official YouTube Channel

Another user has also uploaded several UFZS KPOP dance covers:



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