Featured artistes of the week!


Name: Kim Hyo Jung
Birth date: 11/01/91 (Day/Month/Year)
Origin: Incheon, South Korea
Group: Sistar
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader

Hyorin has strong vocals; she is stunning and recently displayed her acting skills in her appearance in the sequel of the drama Dream High.  She seems to be an all-around good person. She also is a survivor and perseveres. From birth, she has been struggling with several health issues and took various surgeries to correct them. Now, she’s on stage doing what she loves. We can all take a page from her book every time we feel like giving up on our dreams.


Name: Wada Ayaka
Birth date: 01/08/94
Origin: Gunma, Japan
Blood type: A
Group: S/mileage
Position: Sub-vocalist, Main Dancer, Leader

I’ve probably said why I loved this girl many times already on this blog. So this time I’ll be brief to avoid redundancy. For her age, she’s an exceptional leader and very charismatic. She has her childish moments but that makes her even more adorable.

San E


Name: Jeong San
Birth date: 23/01/85
Blood type: O

I don’t know much about him except that he’s one of JYP’s prominent rappers. A reason why he’s one of the featured artists this week because I was fully impressed with his collaboration with Wonder Girls’ Lim on her solo song, “Act Cool”.


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