Fantastic Baby Review

Out of Big Bang’s newest album, “Alive” I must say that this is my ffavouritesong. This song has a “Badass” nature to it and each member has their unique style. The video is also packed with symbolism but I’ll leave that for you readers to decipher. If I talk about the symbolism this post would be WAY too long.

This video has a powerful theme and Big Bang had no issues or problems bringing across this video’s message. I love how YG carefully plans and puts together creative sets in order to tie in with the meaning of the lyrics and to build an intense and one-of-a-kind video. This isn’t only seen in Big Bang videos but also in 2NE1 and Tablo videos as well. I just love the fire, owls and chaos!

I love the unique look each member has. G-Dragon looks along like Rapunzel sitting on his throne with long colorful hair flowing around him. T.O.P. continues to look sexy even with mint green hair and Taeyang kept his signature Mohawk with a marking of the album’s name at the back of his head. Daesung’s hair, on the other hand, looks pretty much the same only blond and Seungri’s hairstyle doesn’t seem to quite suit him. He looks a bit awkward.

The costuming for the music video was innovative and colorful as well. It related to the symbolism and uniqueness of each member. But as usual…Taeyang barely wore clothes for this video. I’m not complaining though.


Daesung was also half-naked throughout a period of time in the video. When I saw him I felt as if I was in heaven. I had a few seconds of behaving like a true V.I.P. fangirl. I know Daesung has been through a lot in the previous year and it makes me elated to see that he was back on the music scene doing what he loves and being good at it.


I loved the intensity of the song. Each member brought this intensity in their own way and through their own vocals. The arrangement of the lines and vocals were done quite well. I often find myself singing the song on random occasions- like when I washing the dishes, doing my schoolwork or even when talking to a friend! Even Daesung who is known for his angelic voice brought some fierceness to the video.

My favorite line in the song was “Fantastic Baby”. Normally, once a line is repeated more than 3 times in a song I tend to get irritated and immediately disregard the song. In this instance it is the opposite. I love the repetition of this line and I’m not quite sure why. I don’t know if it’s the way the members say it or at the times it’s said in the song but something about that line makes me love the video and the song even more. I also loved T.O.P.’s “Boom Shaka Laka” line.

I didn’t recognize any fixed or much choreographed dancing in the video but I loved at how initially each member was restrained but as they each broke free they began to loosen up. I also enjoyed seeing the slow motion push G-Dragon did and all the members slowly falling to the floor. The lack of choreographed dancing was a plus in this video because it made it seem less standardized and more innovative, fierce and free.

The only issue I really have with this video is the lack of Seungri in it. In the video you see a lot of T.O.P and G-Dragon and a moderate amount of Daesung but Seungri is hardly seen in the video. His first appearance wasn’t until almost TWO MINUTES into the video. Some of you may know I’m big on fair on equal treatment and I personally don’t believe this was fair to Seungri even though he is my least favorite member.


To end off this review I tip my hat off to YG Entertainment and Big Bang for creating such a powerful and impressive song. As I true V.I.P. I must say that this video did not disappoint me. I am happy with almost every aspect of this video. This video screams Big Bang! When a KPOP fan hears this song they will recognise it and say “Ah, this is Big Bang”. Big Bang has set high measures for other KPOP artists in the Hallyu Wave. Their live performance of this song is exceptional as well. Once it’s a group from YG Entertainment high standards are met and surpassed.

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