Dot Bikini Review

I instantaneously fell in love with this song from the moment I heard the radio preview. I was drawn to the Caribbean-style sound and the catchy and upbeat lyrics that blended well with it. The song reminded me of summer even though we are in the middle of April. I had high expectations for this PV.

The PV had many summer elements and animations which made it a fun and interesting video to watch. The girls seemed to have fun filming the PV as well. I loved the fact that the members all interacted with the animations in the video. This breaks the traditional Hello Project “close-up-dance-shot” standard they seem to have for each PV for any group.

Although there were many cute scenes included the dance shot seemed to be the centre of the whole video. I must say I absolutely loved the dance. Even though there were some strange and awkward parts the dance was choreographed well to suit the theme and lyrics of the song. I loved at the beginning of the video they were all covered up by what seemed to be their own specialised S/mileage ponchos. They then removed their ponchos revealing the stylish bikini outfit they wore beneath and who could ignore the fierce but cute stare Meimi gives before throwing her poncho up into the air?


I’m not quite certain to the exact symbolism of the poncho and throwing it away but I presumed that with the removal of the poncho and revealing of the summer outfits, the girls are indicating the incoming summer and their excitement for it.

There is only one complaint I have with this point of the dance, however. When the girls throw up their ponchos they seem to magically disappear which confused me a bit because I sat there waiting to see them fall back to the floor. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. there were no falling ponchos.

*Sad face*

Another point of the choreography that caught my eye was during the chorus where the girls place a hand with a pointed finger near their heads and then do a hip-swaying motion while simultaneously moving and pointing their other hands to their butts. This is a unique but funny dance move that I believe highlights the whole choreography during the chorus. It actually reminds me of a bird, therefore, from here on this dance shall be named “The Birdie”!



Apart from all the happy summery fun, there was one aspect of the song and video I didn’t like and that was the lack of Rina and Kana solos. They received no solo lines and seemed to be only backup dancers and singers in the video. S/mileage is known for their fair distribution of lines and I was extremely disappointed to see that neither of these girls got their chance in the spotlight.


I love Rina’s voice and I was shocked when I wasn’t able to hear it in such a great song. There was no reason to why either of these girls couldn’t receive at least one line each in this song. Lines sang by Kanon, Meimi or even Dawa could have been easily given to these girls. Is this the beginning of Tsunku’s favouring of certain members for S/mileage? Can we expect fairer distribution in the next upcoming single?


On the other hand, although they seemed to be favoured when it comes to line distribution I was fully impressed by the other four members, especially, Kanon and Take-chan.

These girls brought an extra dose of charisma and spunk to the video and seeing their extra expressive dance moves and actions in the video only made it more enjoyable. Even I must admit that Take-chan is competing with Dawa for my favourite S/mileage member!


I’ve probably said this numerous times before but surely at this current moment, this is my favourite S/mileage song. I commend Tsunku and others involved in the creation and arrangement of this song on their innovative ideas and music. I also commend all those involved in the creation of the PV who was able to effectively blend the setting and scenes with the theme and lyrics of the plot and the choreographer who was able to create an expressive dance. This video was full of summer fun and smiles and was a very “S/mileage-like” video. This only increases my expectations for the next single. Who knows what S/mileage will bring next?

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