Featured artists of the week!


Name:  Bae Soo Ji

Birth date: 10/10/94

Origin: Gwangju, South Korea

Group:  Miss A

Position:  Main Vocalist

Initially, upon Miss A’s debut, Suzy didn’t appeal to me as much as she did now.  Upon her role as Hyemi in Dream High I grew to like her more and more.



Name:  Shin Dong Woo

Birth date: 16/06/91

Blood type: A

Group: B1A4

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

I just love CNU! He is so adorable and has the cutest smiles! He is definitely one of my biases in B1A4! His voice is amazing as well. I love him from the moment I saw him in the group’s debut video “OK”!


Name:  Ikuta Erina

Birth Date: 7/7/97

Origin: Fukuoka, Japan

Blood type:  A

Group:  Morning Musume

Position:  Vocalist

She’s cute and has a lot of energy. She knows how to bring smiles to her fans faces and is very dedicated to her performances. You’ve gotta love Erina’s spunk. It is so entertaining to see her in live concerts. Every day she continues to grow and improve.


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