Mitsui Aika graduates from Morning Musume

When I heard the news of Aika’s graduation a couple of weeks ago so many emotions ran through me. Shock, sadness, concern: these are just a few of those emotions that I felt. I have loved Aika since the day I started listening to Morning Musume in 2009 and it is always a pity to see one of your favourites graduates.


I can’t be selfish, however. As much as I didn’t want Aika to leave she had substantial reasons. She has suffered for many months with her foot injury and no one would like to see her suffer like that again if injuries it on stage. So I believe the decision she made was the best one.

If it was one Morning Musume member who showed improvement and commitment it was Mitsui Aika. Upon her debut In Morning Musume, it was clear that she lacked many skills compared to her seniors in the group. But with each single and each performance we saw Aika grow and improve bit by bit.


Her energetic attitude and constant smile will never be forgotten. She always placed a smile on the faces of her fellow members and fans. She strived to be the next Kusumi Koharu and even identified her as her rival. Her personality always did well in live performances and concerts. That is why I believe she’ll make a great MC at Hello Project concerts like Yossie.

Aika had the potential to be a leader in the future. I observed the way she mentored the 9th generation and how strict and encouraging she was. I had a lot of hope to see her become a leader one day. Although she may be childish at times, Aika has quite a mature side.


Although Aika has graduated from Morning Musume she still remains as a member of Hello Project and I hope to see her be very active within the organisation. I hope Tsunku comes up with many innovative plans for her that won’t place too much stress on her injury. I hope that she will be able to shine and display her talents and motivation. I commend her on her commitment. Many people in her position would have given up but Aika continues to do her best and insists that she will continue to do her part for Hello Projec.t. This is why I love Aika so much and this is why I thank her for all she has done in Morning Musume.


Thank you, Aika.

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