Morning Musume 11th Generation Auditions announced!

Upon the graduation of Risa and Aika in Nippon Budokan, Tsunku had two special announcements. Firstly, the leadership of Morning Musume was passed on from Niigaki to Sayumi.

I would have shown pictures from the graduation but I’m sure you’ve seen them like thousands of times already on official sites and other blogs.

Tsunku also made the announcement of 11th Generation auditions which took almost the whole H!P world in shock. I, however, was not surprised. I saw it coming and I was surprised that everyone didn’t see it happening either.

When Eri, Linlin and Junjun graduated there were 9th Generation auditions. When Ai-chan was about to graduate there were 10th generation auditions. Upon the announcement that Aika was going to graduate along with Risa I fully expected an 11th generation audition. It was only inevitable. It seems that Tsunku likes the idea of a big Morning Musume and I can’t disagree. I like a lot of members in one group. It presents vocal variety, a mixture of personalities and it’s great to see fresh new faces and changes in the group from time to time. On the other hand, the group shouldn’t be AKB48 big because there are only so many lines in a song and each member may not be able to get a line or two. And I would love to hear each member’s voice at least once in a song.

With the addition of the 9th and 10th Generation, there are a lot of younger girls within the group. As everyone’s favourite senpai’s leave, the group one by one Morning Musume begin gaining and losing fans. It seems that with this announcement of auditions everyone is against this idea but what is my view on it?

I think of this audition as a good opportunity. As I previously stated, I like to see many members in Morning Musume. It reminds me of the days with the inclusion of the 6th Generation when Morning Musume had most of its members. I also like it for vocal variety and changes. Sometimes, seeing the same faces in the group can get tedious. So why not spice it up with member rotations and graduations? I don’t get why fans are so upset. Morning Musume goes through a “graduation process”. This was stated since the first day. So why do fans get worked up over graduations and auditions? If they are true fans they wouldn’t complain because it should be expected. They should love Morning Musume no matter what.

Let’s be honest here. We all know that Reina and Sayumi aren’t going to be in Morning Musume forever. Let’s accept this fact from now. In order to keep Morning Musume and Hello Project running newer members must be added and trained so in the future when their turn comes around those members may train even newer members. So it’s great that the 9th and 10th generation members have someone to mentor. It brings about leadership skills that are needed not only in Hello Project but in many occupations throughout the world today.

The issue concerning the 10th Generation not getting to shine enough in the spotlight before the 11th Generation should not even be identified. The 10th Generation had enough time in the spotlight through the audition promotions. They also had a lot of time to warm up in Morning Musume starring in three singles already. It’s not like the 11th Generation members are being picked immediately. The audition process is a long one if the best of the best must be selected from hundreds of applicants. By the time the new members are chosen the 10th and 9th Generation will be cosy in Morning Musume and ready to be proper senpais.

On the other hand, there is one girl that I really will love to see as part of the 11th Generation Morning Musume line-up. Many people already know who I speak of. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about none other than Cuca.

This little girl is a Youtube prodigy in my opinion. For her age, she’s a great dancer and singer. I know she dreams of being in Morning Musume and now that she is of age she can audition to be in the 11th Generation. There are many people across the internet rooting for her. And she already has a worldwide fanbase. Tsunku should use this to his advantage to increase Morning Musume’s fanbase as well. Cuca will do well with the other members and be a star within the group. She has much potential. I really am praying and hoping to see her excel within Hello Project. She is just too adorable!

Check out her Youtube channel here!

So despite the hateful comments that “fans” give about the incoming new members I am being very optimistic as usual and see this as an opportunity. I am excited to see the audition process, which applicants get chosen and what they have to offer to fans, Morning Musume and Hello Project.

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