KPOP BATTLE is a new feature on Shannyjkpop where two totally random KPOP groups would be chosen and compared. Readers and Tumblr followers will then vote on their favorite group. Results will be announced in the next week when two new groups are chosen for battle!

In this first round of battle the groups chosen were Rainbow and After School.



Personally, I love both groups. They both put on good performances and they both are versatile when it comes to music. Both groups show potential. Both groups debuted in 2009 and have a strong fanbase. The question is…Who do you pick?


This girl group debuted in early 2009 under Pledis Entertainment which wasn’t one of the “Big 3” Entertainment but is well known for housing groups and idols such as Son Dambi, K. Will and more recently Hello Venus and NU’EST.  After School was created with the “graduation system” in mind where members are able to join the group, conduct activities and “graduate” or leave the group when they wish to conduct solo activities. The member lineup is not permanent which leaves room for surprises and great changes. One recent bombshell dropped on After School’s Playgirlz is the graduation of current leader, Kahi.

With the graduation of Kahi, a new member, Gaeun, will be added to the group.  Gaeun has spent a substantial amount of time in Japan and has already performed alongside the other girls in their last Japanese tour.

After School has a group of determined and talented girls. Their skills include dancing, singing, modelling, acting and even variety show personalities. These girls showed that their skills can’t be limited to just these options and surpassed expectations with their drumline and tap choreography.

Let’s Do It

Let’s Step Up

After School is very versatile when it comes to music; they are able to portray and convey numerous concepts almost flawlessly. However, they are mostly known for their sexy appeal from songs such as ‘Into the Night Sky’, ‘Bang’ and ‘Rambling Girls’.

Into the Night Sky


Rambling Girls

After School has even released many sweeter melodies such as ‘Wonder Boy’, ‘Dream’ and more recently ‘Lady Luck’.

Wonder Boy


Lady Luck

A sub-unit consisting of three members Raina, Lizzy and Nana from After School was created in 2010. Orange Caramel has a different concept from After School and has a permanent lineup compared to After School. Many of their songs such as ‘Magic Girl’, ‘A-ing’ and ‘Shanghai Romance’ have a cute and innocent image.

Shanghai Romance


Magic Girl


Rainbow also debuted in 2009 under the DSP Entertainment Company. They share the agency with big-name groups such as Kara, SS501 and recently A-JAX. Each member represents a colour of the rainbow therefore there are seven girls within the group. Currently, members are undergoing solo activities but a comeback is expected in the near future during the summer.

Rainbow’s lineup and positions are typical of a normal KPOP girl group. There is the leader, the great dancer, great singers and maknae. However, these members set themselves apart with their music, determination and individual activities. Rainbow’s leader, Jaekyung and Main Rapper Woori are currently undertaking acting roles in their dramas and sitcoms.

The member’s determination shows through their willpower to perform for their fans. Jisook, the group’s lead vocalist lost her mother to cancer earlier this year. Although she did take a few days off to grieve when she came back on stage she gave each performance her all. That is what I call determination and true idol spirit.

Maknae, Hyunyoung, is currently resting after undergoing surgery for the removal of a vocal cord polyp. I know she will continue to push through to join the group to make a comeback later this summer.

Rainbow is also versatile when it comes to music. They have released many concepts that all varied greatly from each other. They debuted in 2009 with ‘Gossip Girl’ and continued to make an impression in the KPOP industry with their songs ‘A’, ‘Mach’ and ‘To Me’.



Gossip Girl

To Me

They have also released several songs in Japan such as ‘Gonna Gonna Go’.

Gonna Gonna Go

Rainbow also has a sub-unit consisting of three members: Hyunyoung, Jisook and Seungah. They debuted in 2012 with the song Hoi Hoi which also presents an innocent concept.


Hoi Hoi


Each group has their different style, personalities and music. They are both flexible when it comes to music. Personally, I love both groups and I love the fact that each member is talented in her own way. These groups consist of girls with potential, class and determination. They have and will continue to contribution to KPOP and its global takeover. Now the question lies with you. Who is your favorite group?

Choose your option in the poll below:

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