KPOP BATTLE is a new feature on Shannyjkpop where two totally random KPOP groups would be chosen and compared. Readers, Tumblr followers and Youtube users will then vote for their favourite group. Results will be announced in the next week when two new groups are chosen for battle!

Last time, After School and Rainbow marched onto the battlefield.

The groups’ diversity, talents, songs and versatility were compared and contrasted and after many votes on Tumblr and the WordPress poll the winner of this KPOP battle was determined to be none other than


I am honestly not surprised that results ended up this way.  After School has a large fan-base not only in South Korea but internationally as well. Many fans seem to appeal more to their songs. After School won by a landslide leaving a few votes for Rainbow.  Recently in the news, you hear more about After School than Rainbow. This draws more newcomers to KPOP to After School than Rainbow. All in all, I would like to say congratulations to After School and good luck on their promotions of their latest single “Flashback”.

This week the groups that will be going into battle are SPICA and Davichi.



I was already in love with Davichi and their soulful melodies before I was introduced to SPICA earlier this year. However, SPICA came onto the scene with a strong presence and powerful vocals that blew me away. Fortunately, SPICA members had a great advantage being very experienced in the music industry before officially debuting as a group and I believe this advantage will lead them very far along their journey to be a top group in the Hallyu Wave. Davichi has been around much longer and I love each and every one of their songs. They connect to listeners’ emotions and make them relate to the music and lyrics. Davichi has been great from start to present.


SPICA recently debuted as a group onto the music scene in early 2012. They are part of B2M Entertainment Agency who houses other artists such as Lee Hyori and Kim Kyu Jong. SPICA is known for their powerful and majestic vocals and their previous experiences in the music industry. These girls have been through many hardships and rejections before debuting together in 2012. Their experiences and talents go hand in hand along with the individualistic personalities of the members and will aid them in their climb to the top of the idol ladder. For a rookie group, they have displayed much potential from the moment they released their pre-debut track “Potently”.


Although this music video does not feature the SPICA members themselves you can hear the great quality of their voices. Their vocal talents surpass many idols today in the music industry.

SPICA’s leader Boa has been a vocal trainer for some of the top groups in the Hallyu Scene today. Some of these groups include Infinite and Kara.

Jiwon is a former member of Five Girls and T-ara.

Narae is a previous Superstar K contestant.

Bohyung was originally part of 2NE1’s line up.

Juhyung has starred in several music videos.

Just some of these named credentials show that these ‘rookies’ have a steady hold on the music industry already. Just like Rainbow, this group shows that with dedication and hard work you can achieve anything.

Because SPICA debuted in 2012 they haven’t released many singles. Apart from “Potently” SPICA has released two other singles “Russian Roulette” and “Painkiller”.

Russian Roulette


Both songs possess an R&B genre with powerful and rich vocals and deep and intense lyrics. These songs reach out to the emotions of listeners as they relate to the lyrics of these tunes. They provide a different style and concept seen among girl groups today. In August, SPICA plans to make a comeback to the music scene. Only then will we find out what concept and image they will bring to their fans, Mercury.



Davichi debuted in 2008 under Core Content Media. Even prior to their debut much interest was sparked as idols such as Lee Hyori publicly announced their support for Davichi. Four years after their debut Davichi is known today for their soulful and romantic ballads that tickles the emotions of listeners. They put on remarkable and memorable live performances and have been awarded numerous times on music shows such as Music Bank and Inkigayo.

When I discovered Davichi it was a live performance of their song “Don’t Say Goodbye.”

Don’t Say Goodbye (Live Performance)

This performance blew my mind away. These girls had such powerful vocals which blended so flawlessly with the lyrics and instrumental of the song. I was so amazed at the quality of their voices and their ability to hit such high notes during a live performance.  Even their expressions set an appropriate mood for the song.

Don’t Say Goodbye (Music Video)

Normally, ballads and slow music bore me. However, this is not so in Davichi’s case. Something about their ballads makes me listen and makes me keep hitting the repeat button over and over. I listen to their songs on a daily basis to get ‘lost in the music’.  Even the more upbeat songs like “Love and War” digs into your emotional being- whether it be joy, sadness, guilt or just the feeling of being in love.

Love and War

Time. Please Stop.

I’ll Think of You

Because It’s You

Sad Song of Love

Although Davichi was around for a much longer time, SPICA has proven to be a great contender for this KPOP Battle round. Both groups have members with powerful vocals and they both bring about strong emotions in their songs. However, SPICA’s concept has a more R&B/Soul style whereas Davichi sings mostly ballads. Both groups are great performers and are both widely loved in the KPOP music industry today. Who do you think is the better idol group? Vote on the poll or on the Tumblr link below!


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