Erina Mano to Graduate From Hello Project

That’s right, you read the title accurately. It is what it seems. Recently, Hello Project and Mano released official statements concerning her graduation in February 2013.

When I heard this news my initial and true reaction was anger. Thoughts raced through my head, I angrily paced the room in disbelief. To me, it seemed that all of my favourite members were disappearing one by one: Junjun, Linlin, Eri, Saki, Yuuka, Ai-chan, Risa and now Mano-chan was leaving.

Why are there so many graduations?  Would Hello Project be an organisation full of young and inexperienced rookies?  As more experienced and even in some cases, more talented senior members leave the organisation newer members will have to work twice as hard to improve and gain the skills to keep Hello Project at the top and preserve the quality of great entertainment.

Though I was angered, confused and in despair, as I read through Erina’s official statement my anger began to subside little by little and I began to see that what they spoke of was true.  Mano-chan has greatly improved since her introduction into Hello Project and solo debut a few years later. I believe she has the skills, talents and experience to effectively make it out there on her own in the entertainment industry.

I say ‘entertainment industry’ and not ‘music industry’ because Mano Erina is not only good at singing but has also proven to be an exceptional actress. She starred in numerous movies, stage plays and even visited film festivals outside of Japan. Her musical talents are also at an advantage because of her great piano-playing skills.

I confess that initially Mano was not one of my favourites in Hello Project but with time I grew to love her and her music equally. After she graduates it will feel like Hello Project will have this large hole without their main soloist. With her departure will there be anyone else to take on her role?

With all these changes within Hello Project, they will be facing a complete transformation. The question is if these changes are for the worst or the best and what about the fans? With the loss of all the big names in H!P will they be departing as well?

But focusing on the positive side of things, it is great to see Erina embark on this new journey in life. I wish her all the best in future ambitions and I hope to hear from her often after graduation. Who knows, maybe she started playing her piano for her fans once more?

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