Hwayoung’s contract with Core Contents Media terminated

Earlier today Core Contents Media CEO, Kim Kwang Soo held a press conference concerning the misinterpreted tweets of T-ara’s members and the termination of Hwayoung’s contract.

There have been numerous reports of bullying among T-ara’s members. The main victim reported to be bullied the most was none other than their rapper and fellow member Hwayoung. Hwayoung recently damaged her foot during a performance of their latest single ‘Day by Day’. Because of this she was unable to fully participate in T-ara’s performance in Nippon Budokan and had to perform her rap while sitting on stage.

After the performance, members, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung left vague tweets speaking about the ‘different levels of determination’ of people. Many fans speculated that these tweets were directed towards Hwayoung and her inability to perform earlier that day and were labelled as a form of bullying. This was the beginning of the controversial issue that lives on today.

Kim Kwang Soo assured fans in his interviews that the tweets were not directed towards Hwayoung and there is no bullying taking place within the group. However, there are many other sources saying otherwise. On community boards throughout the internet, many screenshots and other incidents of members bullying Hwayoung arose from the destroying of her umbrella to a post supposedly to be by Hwayoung complaining of the members isolating her.

In all this chaos what’s my perspective on this issue?

Hwayoung was my favourite member of the group. I loved her rapping skills and the great charisma she showed while performing even though she seemed like she didn’t receive the attention she deserved. When I first heard of the accusations of her fellow T-ara members bullying her I was appalled and totally turned off by the fact that this girl group that I loved would display behaviour such as this. But as more reports were made and the release of the CEO’s official statements I do not know who to believe.

Earlier this year, Kim Kwang Soo looked like the ultimate villain when he announced the addition of two new members and possible removal of current members in T-ara. Now, by the looks of things, it seems that he really cares about his members and staff by letting go of Hwayoung due to staff complaints and not wanting to release “too much information” to protect Hwayoung. Is this his true image or a façade? Who is really the bad person in this situation? Is it the CEO or is it Hwayoung who claimed on her Twitter account that the truth was not being told.

Several incidents of Hwayoung’s misbehaviour has been released by Core Contents Media but even more incidents of her being bullying have been released by many community boards and fans. Is the evidence of Hwayoung’s ‘misbehavior’ true and viable? Core Contents Media (CCM) is well-known for doing scandalous things in order to gain fame and for promotions. Also, are these incidents of bullying being released and noted by fans are just reasons for them to rebel against CCM and place them in a bad light?

This scandal has so many sides, many truths and many lies. It is hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. I believe only those in CCM and the industry really knows the truth and what is really going on. Therefore, I will not draw an opinion until I know the actual truth about this whole problem. While I admit that the departure of my favourite member of T-ara is upsetting and disheartening I will always remain to be a fan of her and of T-ara. True QUEENs will not bash all the members or Hwayoung but will continue to support them and come together in this time of peril. I will continue to support Hwayoung in whatever she decides to do in the future.

However, with this ongoing scandal taking place what does this mean for T-ara? Although they still plan to make a comeback next month how will their current scandal affect their sales and fandom? The majority of their tickets for their upcoming concert have been returned. Now, will no one buy their upcoming single? T-ara has been placed in a bad light. What is in store for them in the future?

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