Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki Review

S/mileage released their 11th single Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki and I must say it was a complete 180° turn from their last single Dot Bikini. There wasn’t only a change in concept and melody but also in line distribution. I was overjoyed to hear Rina’s beautiful voice and it made me wonder why she didn’t get many lines in the first place.

The melody of a song was much more mature than their previous singles and it was great to hear something different than their usual happy and bubbly songs. I have been asking Tsunku (mentally) to let S/mileage release a single like this since last year and I finally got my wish!

The song has an electronic and upbeat melody that depicts a serious atmosphere. It sounds like a typical Hello Project song but it is a concept and tune not visited by S/mileage quite often making it an interesting release by this group. The solemn atmosphere, low lighting in the main setting and the non-smiling expressions of the girls almost personify the lyrics of the girls describing their rebellious love of their crush and the sacrifices they make for him.

Can we all see how greatly Kana improved? I bet we can all recall the difficulties she faced learning the choreography for their 9th single Please Miniskirt Postwoman. In this video, no flaws can be found as she dances. Her singing has also greatly improved. It was nice to hear her voice as well.

Can I make a comment and state how I love S/mileage’s concept when it comes to the outfits for each single? With each outfit, they wear you can see the S/mileage signature of the short skirts and S/mileage logo. I love how the colours of their clothes and the typical elements of their outfits blended well with the video setting. I’m excited to see what they will wear for their next single.

S/mileage has highly impressed me for this single by displaying their mature side. Hopefully, I will enjoy the next single just as much. Who knows, maybe they will release a ballad?


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