Excellent Future Leaders of Hello Project (In My Opinion)

Kudo Haruka

In performances and even on their Ustream shows you can see Haruka’s charisma and maturity. I often forget that she is the youngest member of Morning Musume! I believe that these great strong qualities that she possesses will make her an effective leader.

Ikuta Erina

Erippon has greatly improved! I am very proud to see how far she has come and I am very curious to see how further she will go. Her improvement, growing maturity and determination will make her a great leader.

Takeuchi Akari

I love Akari and her cool aura! She puts on a bright smile and has such an inviting personality. She is also good at what she does. Her wonderful personality will be a great feature as a leader because I believe she will channel her personality to something positive that will encourage and guide those members she may lead in the future.

Tamura Meimi

Meimi has such an adorable character. She also displays a high level of professionalism on camera and when performing. This is an important attribute not only for a leader but for an idol overall and though she may not be my favorite Hello Project member I do respect her for hard work.

Sayashi Riho

Riho may not be the best singer but it is certain that she is improving. She has been already been given a lead role as the main vocalist of Morning Musume and through this main role I believe that she is gaining a lot of experience in which she will be able to relay to future members.

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