30 Day Idol Challenge (Day 30)

Day 30: Why do you like Hello! Project?

There is so much I love about this organization. I can say that I am a true Hello Project fan. I support these girls no matter what. I don’t only support Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou but I support every girl and every group. I even support Tsunku and the trainees.

I’ve been a fan for over three years now. Buono! was actually the reason for me learning and becoming more interested in Hello Project. Since that day I live, breathe and eat Hello Project.

Even though I’m also interested in KPOP my love for H!P has never wavered and I will never will. Even as my favorites graduate (Ai-chan, Risa, Linlin and others) new members join and I get even newer favorites.  I know that Hello Project is based on a ‘graduating system’ and even though I get upset and saddened with the departure of my favorite idol I am always hopeful for the future and eager to see who will be the new faces of Hello Project.

I also love the fact that the girls have such a close family-like bond with each other not only in their respective groups but in the organization itself. Seeing the girls have so much love for each other is inspiring and uplifting especially in the wake of other groups being in scandals where members are being bullied and mistreated.

I love Tsunku! I mean, if it weren’t for him Hello Project would cease to exist, right? The songs he produces are hit makers and he has a great eye for talent and music. In choosing new people to join the agency he does not only look at appearance and talents but he also looks for potential. So even though he chooses girls that aren’t the best at singing or dancing he sees a potential in them, helps shape them to make that stark improvement in their lives and help pinpoint their talents to develop them.

Sayumi still may not be the best singer but she is very charismatic and is very good at variety shows. Tsunku helps develop her talents by appointing her the leader of Morning Musume and also letting her appear on many variety shows. Haruna also isn’t the best dancer or singer but I believe he will find that positive attribute that she will be able to offer to the world. Therefore, fans should not be quick to criticize the performing talents of not only Haruna but any idol within Hello Project and should instead support them in their growth and development. Tsunku doesn’t only make idols but also help shape their lives and turn them into young women of worth.

I also love the fact that Hello Project does not stick to one concept or genre. They try out many different things with each comeback and release. I also love when shuffle groups and sub-units are created such as Tanpopo, Buono! and Cat’s Eye are created so fans can get a new feel and hear a variety of voices and personalities differing from the ones we witness in the standard groups.

Momoko is a perfect example of the variety. Haven’t we all seen the great difference in concept and personality of Momoko in Berryz Koubou as compared to Momoko in Buono!?

Now to end of this post and Hello Project Challenge I will say a few words about each main group and soloist:

Morning Musume

Morning Musume is my favorite group in Hello Project. This group faces many changes not only in members but in style as well. I enjoy experiencing these changes because a group that stays the same all the time will only become monotonous and run out of ideas.

If one listens to each and every single released by Morning Musume from the 1st single to the 50th single they can see the amount of growth that this group has undergone and with the auditions of the 11th generation I can only foresee even more growth.

The 10th and 9th generations have greatly improved already which gives me great optimism for the 11th generation. I am eager to see in what ways they will improve as well! This audition will not be focusing on appearance but pure talent so I am excited to see what will become of these auditions. I believe that Hello Project and Morning Musume are in good hands with these future leaders.

Berryz Koubou

There was a point where Berryz Koubou was my favorite group but my love for Morning Musume grew. However, I still love Berryz with all of my heart. Each member has a unique personality that contributes the group’s diversity in vocals and characters. They don’t always have the best line distribution as it seems that Risako, Miyabi and Momoko sings most of the songs but each member uses their own skills to help promote the group.

Maasa and Chinami’s warm personality does great in interviews and television appearances.

Maasa and Chinami’s warm personality does great in interviews and television appearances.

By the way have you all heard Saki’s rap in “Loving You Too Much” and “Cat’s Eye”? I believe that Tsunku should make her rap more often! It was awesome!

Cat’s eye

Loving You Too Much


In my opinion, C-ute is the dancing group of Hello Project. When they perform they are so synchronized and dedicated to what they do on stage. I have full respect for this group. They also the best line distribution- it is nice to hear each member’s voice more than once.


I admit I was a bit hesitant with the introduction of the 2nd generation but now I am elated that Tsunku made this decision. I love the new S/mileage! It is great to see how these girls bonded so quickly! It is also great to see how the group changed up their cutesy image for something a little more mature in their newest single Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki.

S/mileage is the future of Hello Project and the rate at which they are growing I see a bright future for Hello Project.

Mano Erina

It’s so sad to see that she will be leaving us next year but the few years that she spent with Hello Project were unforgettable ones not only to Mano but to fans as well. We watched her grew from being a Hello Pro Egg to a beautiful and soulful solo artist. She has potential to grow even more and make her name in the music industry outside of Hello Project. I love her songs and her voice is my favorite voice of Hello Project to hear. I will miss her but her name, talents and contributions to Hello Project will live on.

Mitsui Aika

Aika wasn’t popular among H!P fans but she was one of my favorites in Morning Musume. Her childish glimmer and personality brought sunshine and youth to the group and it was only inevitable that I was very saddened at her graduation from Morning Musume. I saw her being a great leader of the group someday.

But I am glad that she decided to stay in Hello Project and contribute whatever she can as a soloist. She may have a spunky and childish attitude from time to time but she is a very charismatic and mature young lady and she is a great inspiration to me. She fought through her injuries and pain to be the best idol she can be until her ankle could no longer withstand the pressure. And even though she has left Morning Musume she is still putting in the same amount of determination in shaping Hello Project. That is true dedication and leadership. She may not be the best singer but she is truly one of the best and pure-hearted people in Hello Project.

I can go on and on to why exactly I love Hello Project but that would take me forever to finish. But as I said before I am and will always be a Hello Project fan. Hello Project resides in a special place in my heart.

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