Featured idols of the week!


Name:  Dong Young Bae
Birth date: 18/05/88 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Blood type: AB
Group: Big Bang
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Initially, Taeyang wasn’t one of my favorite members of Big Bang but of recently that has changed and he’s now my third favorite member after G-Dragon and T.O.P. He is an excellent singer and an extremely awesome dancer. Who knows of his sushi dance?


Name:  Yang Ji Won
Birth date: 05/04/88 (dd/mm/yr)
Group: Spica
Position:  Vocalist

Honestly, I’m happy that Jiwon didn’t stay in T-ara. Now she can shine in SPICA and display her true talents. I loved her in ‘Painkiller’. To me her voice is very cute and contrasts the other powerful vocals within the group. This contrast is great for harmonies and variety in songs.


Name:  Uno Misako
Birth date: 16/07/86 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type:
Group: AAA
Position: Main Vocalist

I just LOVE her voice. It’s just so unique and powerful. I am always able to pick out her voice among the others in AAA singles. I also respect her as a great actress.

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