Featured idols of the week!


Name: Oh Semi
Birth date: 13/09/88 (dd/mm/yr)
Group: Rainbow, Rainbow Pixie
Position: Vocalist

She’s not my favorite in Rainbow but she is still an essential part of the group.


Name:  Woo Sung Hyun
Birth date:  25/11/1991 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: San Francisco, California
Blood type: O
Group: U-KISS
Position:  Main Vocalist

I just love Kevin! He is my second favorite member of U-KISS! I love his voice and he is just adorable. In my opinion, when KPOP idols speak English or any other language it is a MAJOR turn on!



Name:  Natsuyaki Miyabi
Birth date: 25/08/92 (dd/mm/yr)
Origin: Saitama, Japan
Blood type:  O
Group: Berryz Koubou, Buono!
Position:  Main Vocalist

Miyabi was my first favorite Hello Project idol. She may not be number one for me now but she is still one of my favorites. She has an angelic voice and dazzling smile. She is absolutely beautiful. However, at times she comes off as a bit boring to me.

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