KPOP BATTLE is a feature on Shannyjkpop where two totally random KPOP groups would be chosen and compared. Readers will then vote on their favorite group. Results will be announced in the next week when two new groups are chosen for battle!

Last time, SPICA and Davichi marched onto the battlefield.



After the powerful vocals and the soulful melodies of these two KPOP groups were compared and contrasted the winner was proven to be


It was a really close call. Even though SPICA was a rookie group their talents were clearly renowned and gave their seniors, Davichi, a lot of competition. But in the end Davichi was proven to be successful and took this week’s title of KPOP Battle winner. Congrats Davichi!

This week the groups that will be going into battle are B.A.P and Block B.


Block B

I’ll admit this wasn’t really a random pairing. Block B and B.A.P are two very popular, very talented rookie KPOP groups with a similar concept. Both groups promote a very powerful and unique hip-hop concept. Their music is innovatively crafted to display their powerful image and utilize honest lyrics to create a sound that capture the hearts of fans worldwide. Although these groups recently debuted they have already interested and captivated thousands around the world.


Best.  Absolute.  Perfect- these are the words that describe B.A.P. B.A.P. debuted earlier this year under TS Entertainment (Agency of girl group Secret) with the single ‘Warrior”. From their first single B.A.P left a lasting impression on KPOP fans and the KPOP industry. Many refused to believe that these six boys were rookies as their talents and skills surpassed many current idols of the industry. The group consists a great mix of abilities and skills such as Daehyun’s and Youngjae’s impeccable singing abilities, Zelo’s and Yong Guk’s powerful rapping skills, Himchan’s dashingly good looks and Jong Up’s crazy dance skills. This concoction made this group memorable and allowed them to easily become a favorite among KPOP fans.


I remember being totally amazed and astonished by their compelling image and amazing dance skills. I just couldn’t believe that this was a rookie group! Majority of times, the debut single of a group would not be as successful as their following singles but this was not the case for B.A.P. Warrior was a major success and set the pathway for even greater songs and albums.

Most KPOP songs these days consist of mostly singing with a random rap section inserted in it. However, B.A.P. songs are the reverse of this. Their songs are mostly rap with singing sections inserted. This is an innovative idea that sets them apart from other groups.

Their 2nd and 3rd singles, Power and No Mercy have also have been successful and possess a powerful tune and fearless and honest lyrics.


No Mercy

B.A.P has also released more subtle tunes that also have been proven a great success. One song such as this was “Crash”.


Recently, B.A.P has released their 4th Single, Stop It, and also produced a softer melody than their usual songs. It was described to have a ‘hipster’ concept.

Bang and Zelo had the spotlight shone on them before the group’s official debut when they released the song Never Give Up. The song was inspirational and the video was fun and filled with colors.

Never Give Up

Leader, Bang Yong Guk, also had a solo before the group’s debut called I Remember with Yang Yoseob.

I Remember

His rapping skills were noted by fans even before the group’s debut which assisted in the group’s success.

Stop It

The instrumental contained a variety of sounds that seemed to just be flung into the song made it unique and likeable.

Block B

Block B debuted in April 2011 under Brand New Stardom Entertainment (presently known as Stardom Entertainment) with the single “Freeze”. The group is grounded with a hip hop style but incorporates it into a mixture of genres to create unique, generic and memorable sounds.


Although the group debuted just a year ago the members are very experienced and talented. Majority of the members practiced as trainees for a number of years. Some of these members include Zico who was a former trainee of S.M. Entertainment; Jaehyo who was a former trainee of J.Tune Camp and B-Bomb who trained to join the popular boy group Infinite.

This experience puts them ahead of many of the inexperienced rookies groups of today.

Unlike some KPOP groups in the industry today Block B creates and composes some of their music. The members are able to put their own special ‘touch’ in the music so fans can truly experience their talents and expressions.

Personally, my interest in Block B soared with the release of their “Wanna Be”. With that single I fell in love with this group and their ability to integrate hip hop with other genres to create new addictive sounds along with powerful choreography. They perform this song with such charisma and confidence that it hypnotizes the audience.

Wanna Be

Their next single, Tell Them slightly branched away from their hip hop roots but still thrived and brought even more fans to their music.

Tell Them

However, the single that really strengthened and increased their international fan base was “Nanrina”. This was a hip hop song with an addicting melody, repetitive fun lyrics and distinctive concept.


Unfortunately, during their promotions for Nanrina Block B was faced with a scandal for their ‘misbehavior’ during an interview in Thailand causing them to put their promotions on halt and their leader, Zico, shaving his head. Their fanbase, BBC’s, did not fail them however and only strived to uplift Block B and support them through their time of reflection. After their hiatus for several months the group returned in October with their latest single, Nillili Mambo.

Nillili Mambo

Both groups have experience with the hip hop genre but each group creates and portrays different concepts and sounds incorporated with these hip hop sounds. I personally love both groups- I am a strong Baby and BBC so to make a decision is very challenging for me. Therefore it is up to you, my readers, to make a choice and choose the next winner of this week’s KPOP BATTLE!

Vote on the poll or on the tumblr link below!




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