Featured idols of the week!


Name: Tanaka Reina
Birth date: 11/11/89
Origin: Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type: O
Group: Morning Musume
Position: Main Vocalist

I absolutely love Reina and I am saddened by the fact that she shall be departing from Hello Project and Morning Musume. Personally, I think the band is a good idea but not a solid and promising one such as Hello Project. It could be my biased opinion but I really rather her in Morning Musume with familiar faces than in a band with strange new faces. I’ll miss her a lot.


Name: Lee Ka Eun
Birth date: 20/08/94 (dd/mm/yr)
Blood type: AB
Group: After School
Position: Vocalist, Maknae

She has recently joined After School and I have already taken a liking to her. She will never replace Kahi (no one would) but she has seemed to adapt to the group quickly and suitably. She seemed to always have been a member of After School. She can definitely be a great advantage in the Japanese market as she speaks fluent Japanese. I have yet to see her full potential so I am very curious to see what else she has got to show us all. Who says After School comeback?!

*raises hand*


Name: Kim Jong In
Birth date: 14/01/94 (dd/mm/yr)
Blood type: A
Group: EXO-K
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

He is really handsome and he is a great dancer. He is my current bias in EXO-K and I have loved him even before their official debut when all the teasers were being released. I love how he did the screamo in MAMA and Maxstep. I also love that we are the same age!

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