Dear Tsunku: Morning Musume

So like every Hello Project fan out there I have my personal wishes and requests for each Hello Project group. Whether we believe that a certain member needs more lines, if another member should share the spotlight, whether we want to hear another type of song from this group or if we believe the group runs smoothly just as is; we all have our own opinions. Here are my wishes for the main group of Hello Project: Morning Musume.

Dear Tsunku,

I have been an avid fan of Hello Project for almost four years now. Morning Musume is currently my favorite JPOP and Hello Project group. I love Morning Musume for the great diversity in their songs, talents and personalities of each member. I also enjoy seeing the group change and grow throughout the years.

I commend you for creating such diversity with their songs and music almost releasing a completely different concept for each single rather than sticking to one concept constantly.

I also like the fact that you give normal girls a chance to show and develop their skills and talents through the audition process. You even see the potential in several girls and help them develop and learn new skills. You are not only creating musical talents and idols but also creating well-rounded young ladies who will shape not only Japan but the world in the future.

However, I have some simple requests and suggestions on how each member is promoted within the singles of Morning Musume’s songs. I am in no place or authority to tell you how to run your musical group or organization but I would love to let my opinions and suggestions be heard. It is the fans who support and help shape the group to be what they are now, is it not?

With the graduation of Tanaka Reina imminent Morning Musume will lose a great lead vocalist. Who will succeed her position? In my opinion, Morning Musume’s songs are somewhat equal when it comes to line distribution. Not completely equal but diverse enough that we hear each member’s voice at the right time. Sayashi Riho’s singing has greatly improved since she became a main vocalist. I believe that if she remains as main vocalist her singing will only improve.

In my opinion, Suzuki Kanon, Oda Sakura and Kodu Haruka are great candidates for the soon to be vacant main vocal position. Their singing has improved greatly and I believe that they are some of the best vocalist in Morning Musume. Their deeper vocals can be a great contrast for Riho’s higher vocals. Fukumura Mizuki is also a great candidate but I love her voice when harmonized with leader, Michishige Sayumi’s own or Sato Masaki’s own.

I was absolutely amazed at Ishida Ayumi’s rapping skills in the recently released song, “Watashi no Dekkai Hana”. I wish to hear those rapping skills again by Ishida in a main single.

Ikuta Erina and Iikubo Haruna still have a lot of improvement to make but I do hear and see potential in them. I believe with practice and continued support these improvements can be made.

In concern with image and group promotion, I believe that the increased promotion was a good investment. There are still many people that do not know about Morning Musume and increasing promotions and advertising to a larger audience will aid in a greater fanbase (and of course more revenue to help improve performance and idol maintenance quality). Even allowing the girls to guest on variety shows more often can increase the fanbase. Michishige, Tanaka, Ikuta and Kodu are very charismatic people. They are great in promotion of the group and appear on shows. Kodu Haruka is very charismatic and talented for her age and I can see her becoming a great leader someday.

These are just my suggestions for the improvement of Morning Musume. I am not saying that you have to abide by these suggestions but it is just the wishes of a very dedicated fan of Hello Project and Morning Musume.

Keep up the good work and continue the innovation that helps Morning Musume grow.

Yours Truly,


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