Introducing Reina’s Band: LoVendoЯ


The name for Reina’s band has been chosen to be LoVendoR (pronounced lavender).

LoVendoЯ is a rather unique and innovative name which is why I like it. It makes them special and distinct from all the other bands in the industry.

The picture above reminds me a lot of Scandal. These girls already carry the rocker image. However, in my opinion, Reina looks quite out of place in this picture. Although she had a ‘yankee’ concept since her debut in Morning Musume when placed in this picture of a rock band her Morning Musume image seems to radiate making her seem, well, sort of innocent in this new light and image. I’m so used to seeing her surrounded by similar and younger girls in Hello Project pictures that seeing her among these three strangers seem almost foreign. This may be the reason why she looks so out of place or it just may be her height (laughs).

LoVendoЯ begins touring next month.

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