The Koharu Scandal


So recently, a scandal with former Morning Musume member, Kusumi Koharu has been blowing up. I have been hearing many sides of the same story so I am not too sure to what really happened.

What I get from all of this, and correct me if I am wrong, is that in the long and short that Koharu was featured as a guest host on a variety show filling in for Mitsui Aika who had fallen ill to the flu. Alongside Koharu was regular host and ex-Hello Project member, Kikkawa Yuu. Morning Musume’s leader, Michishige Sayumi was presented as a guest on the show. It was a Hello Project Reunion. However, this reunion turned sour with Koharu’s ‘unforgiveable’ behavior.

Koharu blatantly ‘defamed’ the name of Morning Musume. Koharu also stated that Hello Project was just a mere ‘stepping stone’ in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a model. With this description, she made it seem as if Morning Musume was insignificant and was ungrateful for experiences she has gained from her time there. Koharu was also ungrateful for all that her mentor, Sayumi, has done for her. She also overshadowed the regular host, Kikkawa, speaking out of turn and made many insulting and unnecessary outbursts.

What do I think about all this? Well firstly, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and dreams. If Morning Musume was just a small step towards the bigger picture I can understand. However, not being grateful for the numerous skills, friends and experiences gained from Hello Project is just rude and outright disrespectful. The way she stated her opinions was also rude.

Japanese people and idols have a culture based on image and respect. Koharu was very impolite in carrying out her conversations and in referring to her seniors.

Personally, I believe that the idol life has gotten to her head and she has become very self-absorbed. She has almost become a sort of ‘diva’ and that annoys me to the fullest. Koharu needs to reflect upon her actions and apologize for her unacceptable actions. She needs to reinvent her attitude to a favorable and respectable one which people admire and which is exemplary to those people watching on.

Koharu has been one of my favorite members but now I question my decision and I have begun to feel a slight disappointment in her. I sincerely hope that she has realized the uproar she has created.

A translation of the radio show can be seen here!

  1. Si,en realidad nunca me cayo bien por que es muy amiga de Sayumi que la odio,
    pero tampoco tendria que haber dicho eso!

  2. Nah, she became a realist. The idol industry uses little girls and drains them of their childhood.
    I’m glad there are more former idols speaking up about it.

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