Asian Celebration Music Video Review

Berryz工房 『アジアン セレブレイション』 (MV) 006

Berryz Koubou has returned with another techno-disco funky song called ‘Asian Celebration’.


I confess, when I initially heard the title for the song I was a bit wary. I did not know what to expect. Was the song going to consist of traditional Asian instrumentals? Was it going to be a ballad? Was it going to be a song like C-ute’s ‘Edo no Temari Uta II’?

This music video proved all my pervious notions wrong and quickly became one of my favorite Berryz songs and videos of all time!

 Berryz工房 『アジアン セレブレイション』 (MV) 050

The set and the song remind me a lot of their previous single ‘Dakishimete Dakishimete’ (which, by the way, is my absolute favorite Berryz Koubou song).  It may be the ‘disco’ theme or because throughout the music video the members are seen as disc jockeys- just as they were in the music video for ‘Dakishimete Dakishimete’.


Captain as a DJ in the Dakishimete Dakishimete Music Video

The setting was full of lights and colors and famous lens flare and sparkle effects that Tsunku loves to put in his videos, however, I must say that those effects did more justice than harm in this video. There were also disco balls ALL OVER and throughout the video! These all contributed to that disco and party effect the girls intended to create. I love the set for the video and found it appropriate for the theme.

 Berryz工房 『アジアン セレブレイション』 (MV) 042

The dance for the song had many party features, such as the pointed finger in the air and even the inclusion of some ‘back in time dances’ which names have escaped me for the moment.  There are a lot of repetitions, swaying and formations which make the video seem as a dance party. It is definitely a celebration!

 Berryz工房 『アジアン セレブレイション』 (MV) 022

Miyabi has several monologues throughout the song (at the beginning and at the hook) that nicely contrast and intertwine with the melody. The electronic sounds and disco melody create a nice tune that suit the celebration theme. As far as line distribution goes, I approve of the fair and unbiased distribution of lines! I got to hear Chinami, Saki and Maasa and I also got to hear a lot of Yurina as well. I love how the lines were divided pairing off each member to sing their lines alternatively while Yurina sang at the center with her own lines as an interlude.  This was an innovation feature of the song which I enjoyed as well.

 Berryz工房 『アジアン セレブレイション』 (MV) 083

Asian Celebration is definitely one of my favorites in Hello Project for the year so far. However, although I love the song and video I wished that a high definition video could have been released that would have improved the visual quality of the video. Also, the zebra print clothing did not work for me personally. The black and white sharply contrasted with the red collars and looked quite odd to me. In my opinion, the outfit negatively stood out in the video. Despite these few qualms, I am anticipating a greater and bigger comeback for Berryz Koubou and maybe, even a single from Buono!

Who knows?


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